What’s going on

HI, EVERYONE. Sorry for the extended … seven months of silence?

Here’s the thing about being an amateur house renovator: I had no idea how much energy it takes to do manual labour all day. Everything about that last sentence is one great big display of my previously-desk-bound middle-class privilege, but it’s really true. Working with your hands all day – building walls, hauling large rocks from point A to point B, mixing cement and lime plaster by hand (because those mixing drum things you can rent are stupid expensive, apparently), digging holes, sawing wood, screwing wood back together in different shapes? That shit is EXHAUSTING.

Essentially, I went into this blogging project thinking I would be able to get to the end of a long day’s work, sit down after dinner with my laptop and a glass of wine, and bash out a post about the day’s activities, then go to bed at a reasonable time and do it all again the next day. That has been proven to be utterly impossible. Neither Nancy nor I have had anything approaching any energy for so much as reading an improving book of an evening since we started gutting this house in earnest. It’s been a bit of a hellride, to be totally honest.

But now that the holidays are over, winter is fully here, and we are almost (almost!) at a point where we can actually sleep inside this little house (rather than in the caravan we’ve had parked in the garden since July), we are starting to work a little less intensely full-time on the renovations. Creating work-life balance on a project that is literally all around you, surrounding you day in, day out, at all times, is a really weird thing to try to achieve, but we are determined to make it work, and give our brains some time and spare energy to do some more purely intellectual work.

Which leads me to this: I am going to now, finally, be able to start posting about all the ridiculous stories I’ve collected from the past six months of trying to build a house and not knowing what the hell we’re doing! So please, watch this space.

In the meantime, here is a round-up I started writing in August of all of the various adventures I had with Nancy over the summer.  Continue reading