Hi! I’m Laura (she/her, early 30s) and I am a perpetual expat. Born in Calgary, AB to English and Irish parents, I spent 22 years in San Diego, CA before upping stakes and living in London (the one in England, not Ontario) for almost seven years. I moved to France in September of 2015, and with my wife Nancy, we’ve just bought a very small house in a very small village in the Dordogne. With this blog, I’ll be keeping a record of our adventures in home renovation, adjusting to French rural life, and whatever other shenanigans we get up to.

De temps en temps, j’essayerai à écrire en français aussi – désolé en avance pour les erreurs.

Other facts about me it might be helpful to know: I am

  • a total geek – sci-fi, fantasy, genre fiction in general, it’s all my bag
  • unapologetically enthusiastic about the things I love
  • gay as heck
  • custodian of a small black cat named Poivron (pronounced pwah-VRON, which means pepper)
  • a hockey fan, because Canadian (teams are Penguins, Stars, Capitals, and I married an Oilers fan so I have to love them too)
  • not at all educated or experienced in home renovation or building trades (this will become apparent)
  • a musician (I sing and play bassoon, bass guitar, clarinet, and non-bass guitar, in descending order of ability)
  • profane (sorry, Mum)
  • addicted to parentheses (which you’ve probably worked out by now).